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We pride ourselves on producing premium quality hay that you can trust. Whether you are feeding weaners for weight gain or maintaining cattle weight prior to transit, we understand nutritional stock feed is an important part of your business.

Nutritional Feed Supplies

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Nutritional Feed Supplies

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Nutritional Feed Supplies


We understand the importance of Nutritional Feed

When it comes to quality, Nutritional Feed Supplies understands the importance of producing hay with high nutritional value.  A key component to this, is ensuring our hay is produced for quality, not quantity. Our hay crops are regularly monitored and specifically produced with short, thin stems, which results in a higher nutritional value for our customers.  (link to read more – our hay)

All our hay is feed tested to ensure our customers know exactly what they are buying, with our tests indicating the key components for nutritional value:

Bale with Feed Test
Nutritional Feed Supplies Hay

The most expensive hay is the hay your cattle don't eat!

Nutritional Feed Supplies understands that not all hay is the same! Hay prices do vary, especially when cut hay has been damaged by a number of rain events prior to baling. Weather damaged hay is usually ‘well priced’ in the market and can often look attractive but often offers little nutritional value to the buyer.

We carefully monitor the weather for rain forecasts during the cutting season and if our cut hay does get wet, we prefer to leave it on the ground to add organic matter to our soils. We only bale quality hay, so when our customers are feeding their stock, they can be guaranteed there won’t be any left in the feeder, saving them time and money in the long run!